Choose Bosone Palace in Gubbio for
an exclusive stay in the Heart of Italy

Welcome to Bosone Palace
in Gubbio, right in the heart of Umbria

An elegant journey through history with with an eye for detail

The Bosone Palace Hotel is situated in a unique location in the heart of the historical center of Gubbio - unique medieval town in Umbria - just 200 meters from the magnificent Consoli Palace and 300 meters from the Ducal Palace and the Cathedral.

The hotel offers 30 spacious and exclusive rooms furnished with antique furniture and precious frescoes, which will captivate your attention.

Located in a magnificent historical palace which dates back to the 15th century, almost all rooms are completely frescoed. The Hotel Bosone Palace combines the wealth of Renaissance architecture with modern comfort, alongside exceptional atmosphere and service.


"Gubbio, the most beautiful medieval city". It is a jewel jealously preserved by its inhabitants, strongly attached to its history and traditions. The streets, palaces, churches and the entire urban body are perfectly preserved and represent the best testimony of a glorious period, which saw it throughout the Middle Ages as a thriving city, politically powerful and persevering in defending its municipal liberties. The attachment of the people of Gubbio to its history is witnessed by historical and folkloristic manifestations, unique in their kind, which attract tourists and Eugubini scattered throughout the world, such as the Festa dei Ceri, the Good Friday procession and the Palio della Balestra. The visit of the city, through the alleys, its squares, churches and palaces, allows you to retrace its history and the values ​​of its tradition. The quality of the building fabric is matched by the presence of traditional craft activities (ceramics, wrought iron, wood, lutherie, restoration) that testify to the intense and authentic link with the past.